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1st solo album released in 1981 from the future Pizzicato Five vocalist.
1. 女ともだち (Onna Tomodachi)
2. モーター・ハミング (Motor Humming)
3. フラフープ・ルンバ (Hula Hoop Rumba)
4. シャンプー (Shampoo)
5. 原爆ロック (Genbaku Rock)
6. 船乗りジャンノ (Funanori Janno)
7. 17才の口紅 (17sai no Kuchibeni)
8. 恋は水玉 (Koi wa Mizutama)
9. 美少年 (Bishōnen)
10. 絵本の中のクリスマス (Ehon no Naka no Christmas)
11. ツイッギー・ツイッギー (Twiggy Twiggy)
12. ウサギと私 (Usagi to Watashi)
13. ピンクの心 (Pink no Kokoro)

Original recording released in 1981.
Most famous for Twiggy Twiggy, which would later be re-worked into "Twiggy Twiggy Vs. James Bond" for their first international release 13 years later, "Five By Five"
"Motor Humming" is a cover of a song by Halmens.
2nd solo album by Maki Nomiya. Here Miss Maki Nomiya colaborated with Cibo Matto, Sean Lennon, Towa Tei, her own band partner Yasuharu Konishi.
1. スター・ストラック
2. Baby
3. フィオレラ・ウィズ・ジ・アンブレラ
4. ギンザ・レッド・ウィ・ウィ
5. アルヴェデルチ・ア・カプリ
6. 太陽の真下
7. Nicola
8. トップレス・パーティ
9. マイ・ボサノバ
10. フィオレラ・ウィズ・ジ・アンブレラ(readymade524mix)
11. ハード・ラック・ウーマン
3rd solo album from the ex Pizzicato Five vocalist
1. INTRO「空港にて」
music by パードン木村
2. さよなら小さな街
words & music by 槇原敬之
3. Never on Sunday
words by 野宮真貴 music by 草野正宗
4. Paraiso
words by 野宮真貴 music by 倉光延行
5. INTERLUDO #1「港にて」
music by パードン木村
6. 上海的旋律 Shang-Hai melody
words by 蓮水香 music by 高野寛
7. 気分を出してもう一度
words by 安井かずみ music by 加藤和彦
8. ワイキキ66
words by 片寄明人 music by 倉光延行
9. INTERLUDO #2「高速道路にて」
music by パードン木村
words & music by 和田唱(TRICERATOPS)
11. 塀までひとっとび
words by 林立夫 music by 小原礼
12. INTERLUDO #3「宇宙ステーションにて」
music by パードン木村
13. luna cruise
words by 野宮真貴 music by 川上つよし

Producer - Hiroshi Takano , Maki Nomiya
4th solo album by Maki Nomiya (ex-Pizzicato five). Produced by Sunaga t Experience.
1. Mのブルース (メドレー)
2. 手のひらの東京タワー
3. Elegance Under War
4. 歌う「おしゃれ手帖」
5. entre act
6. Cosmic Night Run~Night At Nomiya Maki Show~
7. 森の恋人たち
8. Bridges
Maki Nomiya's PARTY PEOPLE released in 2005.
produced by Heigo Tani(Co-fusion)
2. Big Bang Romance
produced by m-flo
3. 踊る「おしゃれ手帖」
produced by パンダとササノハ
4. Lovin' you baby
produced by Dimitri from Paris *KISSのカヴァー曲
co-produced by YAMO(former Kraftwerk member)
6. Question Girl
produced by futon
produced by Oui Oui *t.A.T.u.のカヴァー曲
8. Princess&Prince of The Frog
produced by GTS
9. HIGHproduced by futon
mixed by 高橋透
Finally here's a new album by Nomiya Maki! This time she celebrates 30 years of her singing career by doing self-covers in collaboration with various other artists. Featured are Cornelius, Kaji Hideki, Takahashi Yukihiro, DJ Fumiya (Rip Slyme), Kuchiroro, Suzuki Keiichi & Sokabe Keiichi, Your Song Is Good and more. Also included are a few new songs: one produced by Towa Tei, used recently in a TV commercial for drink Soysh, and a bonus track performed by Maki's 80's band Portable Rock! Intro and outro tracks are produced by Rekishi (ex-Super Butter Dog).
1. Maki no rekishi / Produced by Rekishi
2. Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (The night is still young) / Produced by DJ Fumiya (Rip Slyme)
3. watashi no shiranai watashi / Produced by Towa Tei
4. Baby Portable Rock / Produced by Hyadain
5. Superstar / Produced by Miyavi
6. Sweet Soul Revue / Produced by Daishi Dance
7. Magic Carpet Ride / Produced by Cornelius
8. Twiggy Twiggy / Produced by Kuchiroro
9. minna waratta (They all laughed) / Produced by Takahashi Yukihiro
10. usagi to watashi / Produced by Suzuki Keiichi & Sokabe Keiichi
11. kanashii uta (Triste) / Produced by Ōhashi Trio
12. Message Song / Produced by Kaji Hideki
13. hi no ataru ōdōri (On the sunny side of the street) / Produced by Your Song Is Good
14. Maki no yabō / Produced by Rekishi
15. Sweet Renaissance / Performed by Portable Rock
Maki Nomiya's single from the album PARTY PEOPLE, written and produced by m-flo.
1. Big Bang Romance
2. Big Bang Romance -トンガリニポポの極悪MIX-
3. Big Bang Romance -P&ART SASANOOOHA mix-
4. Big Bang Romance(instrumental)
01. Joy (acid disco mix)
02. Twiggy Twiggy (Richard Cameron re-make)

Promo CD given in some live shows that Maki Nomiya did in 2007. Two tracks produced by Richard Cameron, one a new track called "Joy" and then a new version of P5's classic "Twiggy Twiggy".
"Looker" is the latest download-only single from former Pizzicato Five vocalist Maki Nomiya. These two fashion-oriented songs are densely-layered slices of forward-thinking pop that won’t disappoint fans of her former work.
01. The Looker
02. Looker Glitter
2009 e.p., a collaboration between Maki Nomiya and Brazilian singer Fernanda Takai.
1. Nagoya
2. ひとりにしてね
3. Saudade
4. メッセージ・ソング
5. Kobune live

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