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Страна: Аргентина
Жанр: Música Humor
Продолжительность: 01:23:50
Год выпуска: 2005
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Les Luthiers is an Argentine comedy-musical group, very popular also in several other Spanish-speaking countries such as Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Cuba and Venezuela. They were formed in 1967 by Gerardo Masana, during the height of a period of very intense Choral Music activity in Argentina's state universities. Their outstanding characteristic are the home-made musical instruments (hence the name luthiers, French for "musical instrument maker"), some of them extremely sophisticated, which they skillfully employ in their recitals to produce music and texts full of high class and refined humor. From 1977 until his death in 2007, they worked together with Roberto Fontanarrosa, a renowned Argentine cartoonist and writer.
Ernesto Acher.
Carlos López Puccio.
Jorge Maronna.
Marcos Mundstock.
Carlos Núñez Cortés.
Daniel Rabinovich.
Miss Lilly Higgins Sings Shimmy in Mississippi's Spring (shimmy, 1974)
Muerte y Despedida del Dios Brotan (aria aria, 1973)
Serenata Mariachi (serenata mariachi, 1973)
Epopeya de Edipo de Tebas (cantar bastante de gesta, 1976)
Les Nuits de Paris (chanson francesa, 1973)
Si No Fuera Santiagueño (chacarera de Santiago, 1972)
Recitado Gauchesco (aires de manguera, 1973)
Concierto de Mpkstroff (concierto para piano y orquesta, 1972)
Oi Gadóñaya (canción de los barqueros del Vólgota, 1969)
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Аудио: Audio #1: AC3, 2/0 ch, 192Kbps, Delay 0 mSec

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